Medals & uniforms

An example of a medal bar currently in our collection.
An example of photography of various uniforms held by the Museum.
One of our uniforms together with medal bars.
DeHavilland Order of Merit

These collections have been built up since the early 1960s and contain gems from the Royal Engineers Balloon sections of the late 1890s onwards. The uniform collection is particularly strong on the First and Second World Wars and contains good coverage of other periods up to the 1970s. It is remotely housed and is not immediately accessible at London. The Medal collection is securely stored at London where material can be made available to researchers by appointment. Its coverage is good up to the 1960s.

Medal collection

The medal collection encompasses all orders, decorations and medals including the clothing and insignia of the Orders of Chivalry. It does not include sports medals or other commemorative medallions.

Uniform collection

The Uniform Collection contains all clothing - uniform, working and flying clothing including life jackets, and worn personal equipment - webbing ammunition carriers, belts and packs. It also contains uniform accessories such as walking sticks and ceremonial swords.

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