Training Command

Training Command was formed on 1 May 1936. RAF Halton and RAF Cranwell with the various training units they controlled became a part of this new command in July 1936.

As part of the rapid expansion of the RAF during the Second World War, Training Command was sub-divided on 27 May 1940 into Flying Training Command and Technical Training Command.

Flying Training Command had the responsibility for all aspects of the selection and training of aircrew. During the five years of conflict, 88,000 qualified aircrew were produced. From late 1944 a contraction in the size of the Command took place. A brief expansion took place during the Korean War but it would never regain its wartime scale of operation.

During the re-organisation in the 1960s with the reduction in RAF strength Training Command was reformed on 1 June 1968. Based at RAF Brampton it controlled all aspects of RAF initial and flying training as well as looking after the Air Cadet and Air Training Corps.

During the 1970s the Command was absorbed into Support Command. In 1994 this command was split into Logistics Command and Personnel and Training Command (PTC). The PTC existed until April 2007 when it was absorbed into the current Air Command.

Flowchart showing the organisational history of Training Command