British Civil Aviation in 1923

The Supermarine Sea Eagle, a commercial amphibian aircraft intended for British Marine Air Navigation Ltd., makes its first flight.

23 June
The first Grosvenor Challenge Cup, for British aircraft under 150 horse-power, is won by Flight Lieutenant W.H. Longton of the Royal Air Force, in a Sopwith Gnu.

30 July
The de Havilland DH50 four-seat transport aircraft makes its first flight.

14 August
A Supermarine Sea Eagle, carrying a number of passengers including Sir Sefton Branker, makes the first United Kingdom commercial flight to Germany.

2 October
The de Havilland DH53 Humming Bird makes its first flight.

8 October
An English Electric Wren and an Air Navigation & Engineering Company (ANEC) monoplane win the main prizes in the Daily Mail Lympne Motor Glider Competition. Both aircraft manage to fly 140 kilometres (87 miles) on one gallon of fuel.