British Civil Aviation in 1924

23 January
Lord Thompson of Cardington is appointed Secretary of State for Air.

31 March
Imperial Airways is formed from Handley Page Transport, Daimler Airways, Instone Air Line and British Marine Air Navigation Company to create the first United Kingdom national airline,

1 September
The United Kingdom Air Ministry announces its intention to assist in the formation light aeroplane clubs.

7 November
Sir Samual Hoare succeeds Lord Thompson of Cardington as Secretary of State for Air.

20 November – 18 March 1925
Alan Cobham, A. Elliott and Sir Sefton Branker use a de Havilland DH50 to fly from London to Rangoon in Burma and back.

Also this year…
A civilian ambulance aircraft, a Fairey III seaplane, is adapted by Real Daylight Balata Estates in British Guiana.