British Civil Aviation in 1926

16 March
The Armstrong Whitworth airliner makes its first flight.

16 June
Imperial Airways introduces an Armstrong Whitworth Argosy aircraft (G-EBLF ‘City of Glasgow’) into service on the London to Paris route.

30 June – 1 August
Alan Cobham completes the first return journey from England to Australia, flying a de Havilland DH50, and finally landing the aircraft is on the River Thames in London, close to the Houses of Parliament.

2 August
Major Savage dusts 40 acres of Majestic potatoes in 25 minutes at George Caudwell’s farm in Weston, near Spalding in Lincolnshire. This is the first aerial crop dusting in the United Kingdom.

30 September
The de Havilland DH66 Hercules airliner makes its first flight.

15 November – 8 January 1927
T. Neville Stack and B.S. Leete fly from Croydon to Karachi in India, in modified de Havilland DH60 Moths.