British Civil Aviation in 1928

7-22 February
Squadron Leader H.J.L. ‘Bert’ Hinkler makes the first solo flight from Croydon in England to Darwin in Australia, flying an Avro Avian. His route includes Italy, Malta, Libya, India, Burma and Singapore and covers a distance of 17,700 kilometres (11,000 miles).

12 February – 17 May
Lady Heath makes the first solo flight by a woman from Cape Town in South Africa to Croydon in England, flying an Avro Avian III.

13 February
A Short Calcutta flying boat, launched at Rochester, is the first airliner with a full kitchen.

9 March – 30 April
Lady Bailey makes a London to Cape Town flight, flying a de Havilland DH60 Moth.

The Daily Mail buys a modified de Havilland DH61, which has been converted to a flying newspaper office, fitted with a desk for a typist, a dark room for a photographer and a motorcycle for a reporter.

21 September – 16 January 1929
Lady Bailey makes a return flight from Cape Town to London in her de Havilland DH60 Moth.