British Civil Aviation in 1932

24-28 March
Jim Mollison, piloting a de Havilland Puss Moth, makes a solo flight from Lympne in Kent to Cape Town in South Africa in 4 days 17 hours 30 minutes.

19-28 April
C.W.A. Scott flies solo in a de Havilland DH60M Moth (G-ACOA) from Lympne in Kent to Darwin in Australia, in a time of 8 days 20 hours 47 minutes.

May 24
Tourists leave Croydon on an Imperial Airways Handley Page HP42 for the first charter flight holiday, to Basle in Switzerland. Organised by the Polytechnic Touring Association of London the holiday proves a success and by the end of the year the PTA would handle over 900 tourists.

With the economic recovery in 1933, Imperial Airways refused to repeat the charter operations, but the idea survived and others stepped into the market gap left by Imperial Airways.

29 July
Amy Johnson and Jim Mollison are married. Amy had met Jim Mollison, another long-distance flier, when he was the co-pilot of an airliner taking her from Brisbane to Sydney and the couple had announced their engagement in May.

18-19 August
Jim Mollison completes the first solo east to west flight of the North Atlantic, flying a de Havilland DH80A Puss Moth (G-ABXY).

He flies from the beach at Portmarnock Strand, near Dublin to Pennfield Ridge in New Brunswick in 31 hours 20 minutes.

16 September
Cyril F. Uwins establishes a new world altitude record of 13,404 metres (43,976 feet), flying a Vickers Vespa MkVII over Filton near Bristol in Somerset.

14-18 November
Amy Johnson establishes a new solo record time from Lympne in Kent to Cape Town in South Africa. Flying a de Havilland DH80A Puss Moth, she completes the journey in 4 days 6 hours 54 minutes.

11-18 December
Amy Johnson establishes new South Africa to England record of 7 days 7 hours 5 minutes.