British Civil Aviation in 1956

10 March
A world speed record is set by Peter Twiss, flying a Fairey Delta 2. The flight beats the record set by Colonel Horace A. Hanes in August 1955 by 500kph (310mph). Twiss averaged 1,132mph on two runs at 38,000 feet, over a 9 mile course.

3 May
Following an crash in which three people died on 1 May, British European Airways Corporation (BEAC) helicopter services to London Airport are withdrawn while the accident report is considered.

7 June
The de Havilland Comet II jet aircraft is issued with a full passenger-carrying certificate of airworthiness.

28 June
The Rolls-Royce Tyne (RB109), a 4,400 horse-power propeller-turbine engine, successfully completes its first air test in the nose of an Avro Lincoln bomber.

14 September
The Bristol Britannia’s entry into service with the Bristol Aeroplane Company and the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) is deferred.

20 October
A.W. Bedford and F. Murphy fly a Hunter jet trainer from Surrey to Rome, covering the 891 miles in 1 hour 34 minutes 28 seconds and return in 1 hour 40 minutes 35 seconds. They beat Group Captain John Cunningham’s point-to-point records set in 1950 for London to Rome and Rome to London.

12 December
British Aviation Services purchase the Lancashire Aircraft Corporation.