British Civil Aviation in 1966

6 February
‘Freddie’ Laker, previously the managing director of British United Airways, announces the formation of Laker Airways.

12 March
Sir Sydney Camm, the man responsible for the design of the Hawker Hurricane fighter, dies aged 60.

18 May
Sheila Scott begins her attempt to fly round the world, leaving Heathrow in her Piper Comanche 260B.

20 June
Sheila Scott returns to Heathrow after successfully completing her round the world flight and establishing a new world record for women of 33 days 3 minutes.

2 August
The government forbids British European Airways (BEA) from obtaining American airliners.

1 September
The 25th Society of British Aerospace Companies Show opens at Farnborough and is the first to include foreign aircraft, provided they have British equipment fitted.

4 November
A Hawker Siddeley Trident (G-ARPB), fitted with a Smiths’ Autoland system, makes three test landings at Heathrow in visibility of 46 metres (150 feet). The weather had grounded all other aircraft.

21 November
The United Kingdom government proposes the merger of two national aircraft manufacturers, British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) and Hawker Siddeley.