British Civil Aviation in 1973

22 May
The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry announces Government approval to Short Brothers for the development and production of the SD3-30 transport plane.

16 June
The 25th anniversary of the formation of Air Britain, the International Association of Aviation Historians, is celebrated by an international balloon meeting at Cirencester Park.

29 August
Hawker Siddeley announces the receipt of £46 million of Government funding for development and production of the HS146 aircraft.

21 October
Sir Alan Cobham, one of the United Kingdom’s most colourful aviation pioneers, dies aged 79. Through his pioneering survey flights and ‘air circuses’ he introduced the British people to the possibilities of air travel.

25 October
Tom Sage of the United Kingdom Cameron Balloon company establishes a hot air balloon flight duration record of 5 hours 45 minutes.

21 November
Sir Roy Feddon, the aero engine designer who led the design of the Jupiter, Pegasus, Mercury Hercules and Centaurus engines for Bristol, dies aged 88.

1 December
British Tour Operators impose a fuel surcharge to offset rises in fuel costs due to the Yom Kippur War and package holiday makers are the first to suffer. British Midlands cuts services by 10% to save 120,000 gallons of fuel per month, and charges its holiday customers £3.75 per person on flights to Spain.

6 December
Hawker Siddeley announces a second order from the People’s Republic of China, for fifteen Trident 2E airliners.

23 December
The Hertfordshire Pedal Aeronauts Toucan, a human powered aircraft, makes a first flight of 640 metres (2,100 feet) at Radlett. It is the first cycle driven aircraft to be powered by two people.