British Civil Aviation in 1974

6 January
Security at Heathrow Airport is increased following a terrorist threat to destroy airliners during take-off and landing.

13 July
The first United Kingdom National Hang Gliding Championships are held at Seyning Hill in Sussex with 80 aircraft and 100 pilots taking part.

15 August
The Court Line Group in the United Kingdom announces its voluntary liquidation and as a result, British Airways, British Caledonian Airways, Dan-Air and Laker Airways begin to airlift some 49,000 tourists who are stranded overseas.

19 August
The Cameron balloon ‘Gerald Heineken’ is flown for the first time at Bristol, and with a volume of 14,158 cubic metres (500,000 cubic feet) it is the world’s largest hot air balloon. The balloon’s two-tier basket could accommodate twelve passengers.