British Civil Aviation in 1984

6 March
British Airship Industries launch the Skyship 600 airship.

27 March
British Airways starts a three-times-a-week Concorde service between London Heathrow and Miami.

14 June
The prototype Westland Lynx 3 anti-tank helicopter makes its maiden flight, but the programme is abandoned soon afterwards.

22 June
Virgin Atlantic begins scheduled services between Gatwick and Newark in New Jersey.

17 July
Two airships are seen over London for the first time since the First World War when British Airship Industries fly their Skyship 600 and Skyship 500 models on a round trip between Cardington in Bedfordshire and Tower Bridge.

1 August
The Royal Air Force (RAF) order two British Aerospace (BAe) 146-100s for service with the Queen’s Flight. They will be known as 146 CC Mk2s.

25 October
The Government orders all airlines based in Britain to stop selling low-cost transatlantic flights. In addition the Government declares void some 130,00 tickets that have already been sold.

22-24 November
Briton Julian Nott sets world records for altitude, distance and endurance in his pressurised ULD1 balloon.