British Civil Aviation in 1987

27 January
The privatisation of British Airways takes a step forward when the Government announces that each of the 720 million shares will cost £1.25, giving British Airways a nominal value of £900 million. 20% of the shares will be sold abroad.

21 June
The last air-worthy Bristol Blenheim, a Second World War bomber, is damaged beyond repair when attempting a touch-and-go landing at the Denham Air Show.

1 July
British Aerospace (BAe) delivers the first production Harrier GR5 to the Royal Air Force, No.233 Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Wittering.

10 July
British Airways launches the Galileo ticket reservation system in conjunction with KLM, Swissair and United Airlines.

16 July
British Airways announces its plans to purchase the second largest British airline, British Caledonian, for £237 million.

16 July
The British Airports Authority is privatised by the Government.

16 August
British Airways’ take-over of British Caledonian is put on hold when the British Government refers it to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.

14 October
A Brymon Airways de Havilland Canada DHC7-7 takes off for Paris and becomes the first passenger flight from London City Airport.

31 October
British Airways employs its first female pilots.

10 December
British Airways announces a world-wide marketing, scheduling and servicing partnership with United Air Lines.

10 December
Two prisoners escape from the maximum security Gartree prison with the aid of a hijacked Bell 206L helicopter.