British Military Aviation in 1926

1 March
A detachment of four Fairey IIIDs, led by Wing Commander C.W.H. Pulford,
leaves Cairo to carry out the first Cairo to Cape flight. The detachment
succeeds in reaching Cape Town on 12 April and returns to Cairo on 27

17 June
Pilot Officer Eric Pentland becomes the first Royal Air Force officer
to bale out in an emergency.

17-19 June
Following an attempt by Sheikh Mahmud’s followers to re-establish themselves
in Iraq, severe fighting lead to No.1 and No.30 Squadrons,
Royal Air Force, carrying out intensive air action against the Sheikh’s
stronghold. The Sheikh’s followers disperse and Mahmud retires into Persia,
taking with him a pilot and gunner from No.30 Squadron who had been forced
to land with engine trouble and were captured on 14 June. The men are
eventually released unharmed at Khurmal in October 1926.

A large raid into Kuwait by Akhwan raiding forces is successfully intercepted
by Royal Air Force aircraft and armoured cars.