British Military Aviation in 1932

25 April

The Royal Air Force begins to use airborne loudspeakers and leaflet drops
against insurgent tribesmen in Iraq.

The Royal Air Force supplement Iraqi aeroplanes and troops in operations
against a small-scale revolt in north-east Iraq, instigated by Sheikh
Ahmad of Barzan. Royal Air Force raids are presaged by leaflet drops warning
villages of the forthcoming attacks, in an effort to minimise loss of
life. Verbal warnings are also broadcast in Kurdish dialect using a loudspeaker
system fitted to a Vickers Victoria transport aircraft. Following attacks
by aircraft from Nos. 30, 55 and 70 Squadrons, Sheikh Ahmad surrenders
on 21 June.

22-27 June

The 1st Battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment is flown from Ismailia
in Egypt to Hinaidi in Iraq, aboard the Vickers Victorias of No.70 Squadron,
Iraq Command and No.216 Squadron, Middle East Command.

September – October

The Chitral relief column from Dargai in Afghanistan is beset by Shamozi
Mohmand tribesmen and Wapiti crews fly bombing and strafing sorties in
an effort to protect the column.

8 October

The Indian Air Force is formed.