British Military Aviation in 1976

1 January
No.38 and No.46 Groups RAF Strike Command are amalgamated as No.38 Group.

31 March – 1 April
The Near East Air Force (NEAF) disbands on 31 March. AHQ Cyprus is reformed
on 1 April to control Royal Air Force units in the Mediterranean – this
AHQ reported in turn to RAF Strike Command

1 April

The Royal Air Force staging post on Gan (Addu Atoll, the Maldive Islands)
is closed. RAF Gan had formed a key element in the RAF’s transport route
network from the late 1950s.

2 June
Following the conclusion of an agreement between United Kingdom and Icelandic
Government negotiation teams ending the ‘Third Cod War’, RAF maritime
reconnaissance sorties in support of the Royal Navy (Operation Heliotrope)
cease. A total of 158 British Aerospace (BAe) Nimrod and 20 Handley Page
Hastings sorties were flown in support of the Royal Navy between 24 November
1975 and 2 June 1976.

24 June
The Icelandic Government lifted its ban on the use of Icelandic airfields
by the Royal Air Force (RAF), imposed at the beginning of the ‘Third Cod

6 August
Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Humphrey is promoted to Marshal of the Royal
Air Force and relinquishes the post of Chief of the Air Staff. He was
succeeded by Air Chief Marshal Sir Neil Cameron.