British Military Aviation in 1983

5 July
The first ex-British airways Lockheed L-1011-500 TriStars converted to air-to-air refuelling tanker/transports enter service with No.216 Squadron.

25 July
The Royal Air Force (RAF) takes delivery of its first British Aerospace (BAe) Victor VC10K Mk2 tanker conversion.

September – March 1984

Increased fighting between Israeli, Syrian and Palestinian forces based in Lebanon reaches new heights in June 1983 when Israeli forces invaded Southern Lebanon. Subsequently, a United Nations Multi-national Intervention Force comprising United States, British, French and Italian Army units is deployed to Beirut in a peacekeeping role.

Royal Air Force (RAF) Boeing Chinook helicopters of No.7 and No.18 Squadrons supported the British Army detachment in Lebanon, while the Hawker Siddeley Buccaneers of No.12 and No.208 Squadrons provided an offensive capability, using RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as a forward base.

18 November
No.1 and No.38 Groups RAF Strike Command are amalgamated as No.1 Group.

16 December
The Chiefs of Staff of the British, French, West German, Italian and Spanish air forces sign a preliminary agreement for a Future European Fighter Aircraft.