World Aviation in 1920

20 January
The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) announces it is prepared to accept new official world records.

24 January
Commandant Vuillemin of the Aéronautique Militaire, makes first aircraft flight across the Sahara Desert.

7 February
The first post-war world speed record is set by Frenchman Sadi Lecointe in a Nieuport-Delage 29 with a speed of 275kph (171mph).

17 April
The Venezuelan Military Air Service formed.

4 June
United States Army Air Service (USAAS) is created following the Army Re-organisation Act.

1 November
Aeromarine West Indies Airways becomes first foreign organisation to be granted a contract by the United States Post Office for the carriage of airmail.

25 November
Captain Corliss C. Moseley of the United States Army Air Service (USAAS), wins the first Pulitzer Trophy Race, flying a Verville-Packard 600. The race took place at Mitchell Field, Long Island, New York.

12 December
The Blériot-Spad 33 airliner makes its first flight.

Also this year…
Cuerpo de Aviadores Militares is formed in Ecuador and the Australian Flying Corps becomes Australian Air Corps.

The first practical retractable undercarriage appears on Dayton-Wright RB Racer.

The Aero Technical Association of Dresden organises the first glider (sailplane) meeting at Rhön in Germany.