World Aviation in 1930

A variable geometry aircraft is flown by Hans Körner at Breslau in Germany.

15 May
Miss Ellen Church, a registered nurse from Iowa, becomes the first air hostess as she welcomes 11 passengers on board a United Airlines Boeing 80A tri-motor at Oakland in California.

For $125 a month the United Airlines female hostesses were involved in ground handling duties and in the air they dispensed unvarying meals consisting of fruit cocktail, fried chicken and rolls, and tea or coffee.

18 May
The German airship LZ127 Graf Zeppelin makes its first crossing of the South Atlantic.

25 October
The first American coast to coast air service is established by Transcontinental Western Air (TWA).

Also this year…
Deutche Luft-Hansa becomes the fastest growing airline in Europe with a rapid expansion of their route structure.