World Aviation in 1993

27 January
Boeing and Airbus Industrie launch a development programme for a ‘Super Jumbo’, capable of carrying up to 800 passengers.

10 February
Taiwan unveils its new fighter, the IDF, designed for the Republic of China Air Force with assistance from General Dynamics. The IDF first flew in 1989 and is now ready to go into full production.

12 March
General Dynamics’ Military Aircraft Division is acquired by Lockheed in a $1.525 billion deal, which includes the highly successful F16 fighter.

31 March
The two Australian Government-controlled airlines, Qantas and Australian Airlines, are merged. They will continue under the Qantas name.

8 June
The first SAAB Gripen is handed over to the Swedish Air Force. This supersonic, multi-role combat aircraft can take-off from short runways and has a rapid rate of climb.

26 July
The 1,000th Boeing 747 comes off the production line 26 years after the first 747 was built.

27 September
James ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle, famous American record-breaking pilot and United States Air Force General, dies aged 96.

16 November
Italy decides to lease 24 Panavia Tornado F3s from the Royal Air Force (RAF). They will be replaced by Eurofighters after 10 years.

17 December
The first B2 Stealth bomber is delivered to the United States Air Force (USAF).