World Aviation in 1994

28 February
United States Air Force (USAF) General Dynamics F16 fighters shoot down four Serbian Soko G4 Super Galeb strike aircraft engaged in bombing operations against Croation townships within the United Nations ‘no-fly’ zone.

14 April
Two Sikorsky UH60 Blackhawk helicopters are shot down by friendly fire from United States Air Force (USAF) McDonnell Douglas F15 Eagles in the Iraqi ‘no-fly’ zone when they were mistaken for Iraqi ‘Hinds’.

3 February
Space Shuttle Discovery is launched, taking the SPACELAB research laboratory into orbit.

7 June
At 12 years old, Vicki van Meter becomes the youngest female pilot to fly the Atlantic.

21 June
The role of women pilots in the French Air Force is extended to include combat flying.

29 August
A new $15 billion international airport opens at Kansai, Japan.

18 November – 5 December
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) air strikes against Serbian air bases and missile sites to prevent attacks on Bosnian forces and NATO aircraft.